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Marketing Recruitment is a specialist marketing recruitment agency, we’re experts at finding talented quality marketing professionals for agencies and in-house teams throughout the UK and beyond. Our marketing recruiters are well trained to assist with any type of marketing vacancy you require assistance with. This is what makes us one of the leading marketing recruitment agencies throughout London and beyond, get in touch! 


In a fast-moving and highly saturated globalized market, consumers of goods and services are constantly faced with choices. With effective marketing, you can stay atop the market and stand out in your industry. At Marketing recruitment, we understand that the key to great marketing is putting a stellar team together. This is where Marketing recruitment brings the best marketing minds onboard your ship. And with us, you will sail far!

Your company needs the best marketing talent to compete in today’s economy. We deliver to you the finest marketing experts in the job market. Whether it is a single marketing role that needs to be filled or full staff recruitment, fill out the form below or contact us to get started.

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We're Digital, Media, PR, Marketing & Communications Agency Recruiters

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The way you curate and optimize your brand will be instrumental in your company’s success. Thus, marketing is fundamental to your company’s financial success and not a peripheral aspect. Marketing now requires a panoramic approach that covers every part of the consumer’s way of life. You need a dynamic presence across all media platforms to penetrate the market. Marketing has evolved from newspapers and tabloids to Google ads, strategic social media engagement and intense public relations. Marketing is, therefore, no longer one-way traffic. Instead, it is a two-way interactive endeavour where consumers shape your goods and services.

With years of experience grooming and sourcing talent to cover all aspects of marketing, we can now expertly recruit the best minds whose skillsets align with this new marketing reality. Our recruiters are best poised to spot talents that can infuse your brand into the daily lives of your target market.


What we offer:

As our name implies, we embody marketing recruitment. We are at the forefront of delivering recruitment services across the professional and creative industry. We also offer:

  • Remote Marketing: Apart from being a frontrunner recruitment agency in the UK, we take it up a notch by providing remote recruitment. With this service, your company transcends geographical barriers, and you can tap into global talent.
  • Rich database: With years in the game, we have collated and curated a qualitative database of the best marketing talent. At your call, you can have them on board in no time.
  • Affordable prices: Marketing recruitment offers you access to the best brains at the cheapest rate in the market. As a client-oriented company, we prioritize the success of your brand.

Interested In A Career Within Marketing?

Marketing is the backbone of the commercial world in today’s economy. We are offering you a chance to be a part of it. A marketing role gives you the creative freedom to showcase your talent and tap into your potential. At Marketing recruitment, our expert recruiters have a wealth of extensive and universal network of leading brands with which you can clinch your dream marketing role. You can join our recruitment pool today by filling out the register CV form. We’d love to hear from you.

We Support All Marketing Staff Hiring

At marketing recruitment, we understand the nooks and crannies of marketing roles and source, filter and interview qualified candidates across the following marketing sectors:

  • CRM: Marketing is now a two-way traffic where feedback, comments, reviews, inquiries, and customer complaints matter more than ever. Our recruitment agencies can spot the best CRM candidates to set the tone for your customer relationship and satisfaction management and handle volatile situations for your company.
  • Events: are your company’s chance to effectively execute your programs and policies. Marketing recruitment has the best eyes for candidates that fit the portfolio for effective events management.
  • Design: A creative design team is inevitably relevant to your brand if you want audio-visual content that can convert customers and plant your brand’s feet in people’s minds. We ensure only the most creative and daring cross over to your camp at marketing recruitment.
  • Data: Purchase patterns, product trends, and customer behaviour are variables that shift daily. Not having insight into these variables means your company is in the dark and your marketing efforts futile. Marketing recruitment ensures you get the best team to be your window into the market.
  • SEO: If you don’t want your company to be as redundant as the second page of a Google search, the right SEO team is worth getting on board. Our recruiters get the most experienced candidates that have hacked search engine optimization.
  • PR: your reputation does not lie in your goods and services alone but also in how you handle public opinion quickly and effectively. Marketing recruiters capitalize on PR roles that can not only enhance the reach but keep your product and brand relevant perpetually in the market.
  • CMO: The role of the chief marketing officer cannot be understated in the industry today, as they are needed to keep stock of all operations. Marketing recruitment has a reserve of seasoned managers who have led in several capacities.
  • Graduate: young and vibrant entry-level workers bring fresh ideas and talent to any workspace. Our recruitment experts will provide you with the best potential in the job market. Not only will your company be their training ground, it will benefit immensely from the diversity of ideas they have to push your brand on social media, which is their turf.
  • Media: Our digital recruiters watch out for candidates that can expertly tap into the most significant marketplace we have now- media, mainly social media marketing.
  • Communications: You can not do without a stellar communications team, whether with customers, investors, or other companies. Our recruiters facilitate the employment of experienced communication experts.
  • Advertising: You can get your product or service to the forefront in the industry with the viable strategy our advertising candidates can ideate and execute.
  • Analytics: Having data is one thing; processing it to enhance your brand is another thing. Our marketing recruitment experts source the best analytical minds to manipulate data to favour your brand.

Latest Marketing Recruitment Jobs

Head of Marketing - Leading Ind..

Location: London

Job Type: Permanent / Full Time

Salary: £55,000 to £60,000 

Marketing Manager - E-Comm..

Location: London

Job Type: Permanent / Full Time

Salary: £32,000 to £40,000


Social Media Video / Content Editor..

Location: London

Job Type: Permanent / Full Time

Salary: £40,000 to £60,000


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